Transfer of technology is an on going process, which ensures that the basic components of all Daewoo Buses are of highest quality in every sense of word.
For Production Standards:

Frame Assembly fixtures: For accuracy of frame and chassis according to different dimensions and reference to Korean master bodies made by Korea Plant. Same standard of all units in mass production to increase customer safety and satisfaction.

Front, Rear, roof and side Assembly fixtures: For high quality and accuracy of sub Assy parts with connection of Main Assy and complete body shell that increase product life and standard body shape decrease fuel consumption.

Production Jigs: For vehicle standard parts fitment, holes and Bracket location and sub Assy Fitment.

For Quality Control:

For best appearance: Stretcher machine for roof and side outer to avoid polyester putty coating and waviness of sheet for good looking paint quality.

For Luxury design: Letter / Logo design machine for standard writing work and standard color and design of different Logos.

For complete Inspection: Shower test of complete body to avoid water and dust leakage, and ABS test for Brake performance, axel weight and maximum speed test for customer safety and best quality product.

Engineering support from Daewoo Bus Korea:

Production Design: Standard design for all models according to our road condition, best Fuel consumption among all other brands of the world with no sound and no heat inside the body for comforts and safety of our customer.

Adopt new production system: Best production, quality, R&D system adopt by Daewoo Pak that is used in Daewoo Bus Korea Plant and other 06 Plants in all over the world for on time delivery of products with international product quality with minimum production time to insure product delivery to our customer on time.

On- job training of workers and staff at Korea Plant: On job training at Daewoo Bus Plant Korea for process skill and key quality functions training of direct workers and staff for maintaining best quality product image. Deputation of Korean engineering team and Staff at Plant for continue coordination with Daewoo Technical center and Daewoo R&D center for market feedback and improvement according to valued customer’s requirement.